A vibrant society based on
justice, equity, democracy
sound principles.


  • FIVDB’s mission is to give disadvantaged women, men and children greater voice, reduce their vulnerability, increase their use of citizenship rights and help them enhance their quality of life.

  • To that end, FIVDB pursues educational, social and economic capacity building and social-organization approaches. It works to strengthen social protection and safety networks and participates in national and international outreach and advocacy.

Core Values

We are aware that realizing the Strategic Plan will significantly change the nature of our organisation. We have discussed our values and the question of which should guide our future actions and wish to reaffirm these:

Respect: We strive to acknowledge the contributions of stakeholders and staff and foster an environment that values dignity.

Honesty: We are committed to fulfilling our mission with integrity and demonstrating fairness and truthfulness in all that we say and do.

Diversity: We value, respect, and appreciate the unique talents of every individual and work to remove bias for our decisions and actions in our efforts to achieve our mission.

Quality: We value the experience and skills of individuals and support and encourage excellence towards achieving poverty reduction.

Commitment: We are determined in our work to improve people’s lives through educational and socio-economic opportunities.


FIVDB works in collaboration with communities, civil society, government and the private sector.

FIVDB combines grassroots service delivery, social mobilisation and advocacy in its work.